Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Next Meeting: 31 March 7:30pm

And the BioBeers beat marches on in March at the Milwaukee Street Tavern. Do you speak Cherry Creek? That’s right the Colorado BioBeers tour continues, pulling in next to the Milwaukee Street Tavern station, 31 March 7:30pm. This month we are including FREE name tags! Bonus! And suitable for framing too after the event.

It is exciting to see this event grow, so much so that name tags are now considered value-add. Participation has come from Ph.D. and MBA students all the way up to company CEO’s and representation from just about every position in between. But, BioBeers can not do it simply on its own…that’s right, it is up to you, dear Colorado bio-networker, to help spread the word.

So here comes the end-around reverse; your BioBeers homework due in advance, is to invite ten, yes 10 of your friends and colleagues to come join us at our March meeting. Expect a quiz between your beer and nachos.

Finally, don’t forget to RSVP with a click of your mouse at BioBeers.com.

Thanks and see you soon for Monday Night BioBeers!

When: Monday 31 March 7:30pm

Where: Milwaukee Street Tavern, 201 Milwaukee St.

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