Thursday, November 20, 2008

Member: Sarah Sampson Moyle

What do I do?

Currently, I am completing graduate work at CU Boulder reproductive neuroendocrinology lab in the Integrative Physiology department. I have spent the last several years studying the neurotrophic effects of fibroblast growth factors on the fate specification, migration, and post-natal maintenance of GnRH neurons. I am also teaching human anatomy lab sections at CU and working on the Front Range Neuroscience Group meeting which will take place in December 2008. My passion lies in the communication of science through the marketing of ideas and the pedagogical dissemination of information. I am attracted to science application and biomedical technologies, and am drawn to social interactions and people. In December I will be graduating and am excited for the adventures that the future will bring!


  • CU Boulder human anatomy instructor
  • Front Range Neuroscience Group meeting coordinator
  • Institute of Behavioral Genetics
  • Boulder Valley Women’s Health Clinic
  • Bounce Consulting and Accounting
Why do I spend my valuable time at BioBeers?

I am dedicated to people and science and am energized by bringing the two together under one roof – especially with a beer in hand! Coming from the research bench, I feel that there is a need for translational communication between the business and clinical/research worlds. BioBeers brings together people from all bioscience related fields who share a common interest in science for the purpose of exchanging ideas and information. With Colorado beginning to make its debut in the world of Biotechnology and bio-based businesses, BioBeers is offering a unique opportunity for people to be on the cutting edge of this growth through facilitating business and interpersonal connections.

My vision of the Colorado life science landscape 2008-2018

I have seen Colorado undergo significant changes in the past ten years. With its fresh and vivacious energy, Colorado is a burgeoning post hold for new ideas, technologies, and bio-science industries. In the next decade, I project Colorado defining itself through the continued expansion of biomedical, biotechnological, and green industries. According to the Colorado Bioscience Association, there are currently 380 bioscience companies in Colorado, a number that is seeding the ground for industry growth and possibility. Now is an optimal time to get acquainted with the people and companies that will shape Colorado’s biotech landscape in the future.

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