Sunday, December 28, 2008

Next Meeting: January 26th (6:30pm)

2009 Resolution | Expand Colorado bio-network

Weeks after New Years when many resolutions begin to wane and all the best laid plans somehow mysteriously disappear into the ether BioBeers puts a finger in the dyke and provides you the opportunity to stick to at least one resolution, that is continue to nurture, cultivate and grow that absolutely critical professional asset, your network. So grab a stack of your biz cards and come connect and celebrate what is certain to be, if nothing else, an exciting 2009 for the Colorado bioscience community.

When: Monday 26 January 6:30pm
Where: Wyncoop Brewery 1634 18th St. Denver (Across from Union Station)

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BioBeers: Connecting Bio-Entrepreneurs Since 2007

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Member: Sarah Sampson Moyle

What do I do?

Currently, I am completing graduate work at CU Boulder reproductive neuroendocrinology lab in the Integrative Physiology department. I have spent the last several years studying the neurotrophic effects of fibroblast growth factors on the fate specification, migration, and post-natal maintenance of GnRH neurons. I am also teaching human anatomy lab sections at CU and working on the Front Range Neuroscience Group meeting which will take place in December 2008. My passion lies in the communication of science through the marketing of ideas and the pedagogical dissemination of information. I am attracted to science application and biomedical technologies, and am drawn to social interactions and people. In December I will be graduating and am excited for the adventures that the future will bring!


  • CU Boulder human anatomy instructor
  • Front Range Neuroscience Group meeting coordinator
  • Institute of Behavioral Genetics
  • Boulder Valley Women’s Health Clinic
  • Bounce Consulting and Accounting
Why do I spend my valuable time at BioBeers?

I am dedicated to people and science and am energized by bringing the two together under one roof – especially with a beer in hand! Coming from the research bench, I feel that there is a need for translational communication between the business and clinical/research worlds. BioBeers brings together people from all bioscience related fields who share a common interest in science for the purpose of exchanging ideas and information. With Colorado beginning to make its debut in the world of Biotechnology and bio-based businesses, BioBeers is offering a unique opportunity for people to be on the cutting edge of this growth through facilitating business and interpersonal connections.

My vision of the Colorado life science landscape 2008-2018

I have seen Colorado undergo significant changes in the past ten years. With its fresh and vivacious energy, Colorado is a burgeoning post hold for new ideas, technologies, and bio-science industries. In the next decade, I project Colorado defining itself through the continued expansion of biomedical, biotechnological, and green industries. According to the Colorado Bioscience Association, there are currently 380 bioscience companies in Colorado, a number that is seeding the ground for industry growth and possibility. Now is an optimal time to get acquainted with the people and companies that will shape Colorado’s biotech landscape in the future.

Say Cheese!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Next Meeting: November 13th 8:30pm (gates open at 7:00pm)

2008 has been a fantastic year for BioBeers. Business partnerships, scientific collaborations, hirings and importantly…friendships continue to be forged at these informal gatherings. The October event welcomed over 75 attendees. The BioBeers community experienced a wonderful growth trajectory in our first year of business and continues to play ever expanding host to a diverse array of Colorado bioscience industry professionals representing functions such as practicing physicians and medical officers, Ph.D. scientists, entrepreneurs, angel investors, executive leaders, biomedical engineers, business development, commercialization, manufacturing, quality, regulatory, legal and finance experts; not to mention growing interest and representation from MS, MD, PhD and MBA students (and undergrads, who are of legal drinking age, of course). Whether you are a scientist looking to commercialize a breakthrough medical discovery, a student or young professional looking to build a career in the local bioscience community, a bioentrepreneur or executive looking to recruit Colorado talent, or you just like beer and good conversation please come join us at the next BioBeers!

For the November event BioBeers continues its support of the Colorado Bioscience Association's 2008 BioWest Conference and Expo. Be sure to register (here) for this fantastic event featuring top-tier speakers such as Steven Burrill and Guy Kawasaki, the Venture Showcase competition, hear unique bioscience industry perspectives from Medtronic, Covidien and Ernst & Young and don’t forget Colorado’s biggest bioscience job fair, all just to name a few of the exciting events stuffed into an action packed two days.

If you are looking for a great forum to decompress following the BioWest Conference awards dinner with keynote address delivered by Colorado’s Governor Ritter, look no further than Harry's and BioBeers to connect with bioscience colleagues in a casual environment, and only two blocks from the Hyatt and BioWest conference.

We are starting the November event a bit later than normal, you are welcome to arrive at 7:00pm though we imagine an influx of attendees following the awards dinner ending at 8:30pm.

When: Thursday 13 November kickoff is 8:30pm (gates open at 7:00pm)
Where: Harry's Bar 818 17th Street Denver 80202 (only two blocks from the Hyatt and BioWest conference)


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BioBeers: Connecting Bio-Entrepreneurs Since 2007

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Next Meeting: 22 October 7:00pm

We hope you are ready for a crisp autumnal evening of Boulder BioBeers; back at the roof-top deck at the Foundry. Bring your muffler and mittens as we huddle around the fire and warm marshmallows, cook up biobeersomemores, and enjoy another round of bio-networking.

When: Wednesday 22 October June 7:00pm
Where: The Foundry, 1109 Walnut St. Boulder 80302

As always please kindly RSVP with the click of a mouse at Thanks and see you soon…

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Next Meeting: 3 September 7:00pm

Can you believe…It’s Back-to-School BioBeers! Wow, where did the summer go? BioBeers enjoyed her summer retreat and is now energized as ever and ready to get back to it by hosting a gala event at the legendary Cruise Room inside LoDo’s historic Oxford Hotel.

Frozen in time since the Cruise Room art deco facelift was competed in 1933, this sassy watering hole was fashioned after one of the lounges on the Queen Mary and opened with fanfare the day after prohibition was repealed.

So don your white cocktail coat and elegant gown attire, bring a stack of biz cards and grab a glass of effervescing bubbles or extra-dry martini and let’s mix, mingle and bio-network to the sounds of Duke Ellington, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin till the wee hours.

When: Wednesday 3 September 7:00pm
Where: The Cruise Room, 1600 17th St., Denver 80202

As always please kindly RSVP with the click of a mouse at Thanks and see you soon …


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Monday, June 2, 2008

Next Meeting: 24 June 7:00pm

As the Chairman of the Board sang, ”Start spreading the news…” The next BioBeers is set for 24 June at 7:00pm in Boulder at The Foundry roof-top deck; one of the best roof-top views in all of Boulder. We have ordered a beautiful starry night as backdrop for plenty of bio-networking, a little bio-bacchanalia and, some bio-tomfoolery too.

Boulderites have been clamoring for a BioBeers, well here you have it, we hope to see the Bio-Boulderites show up en mass, for a strong turn out will ensure subsequent gatherings; let’s see if Chief Niwot’s curse applies to BioBeers as well.

When: Tuesday 24 June 7:00pm
Where: The Foundry, 1109 Walnut St. Boulder 80302

As always please kindly RSVP with the click of a mouse at Thanks and see you soon for a cold one…

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Attention Denver BioBeers Attendees!

You may (or may not) know that the May edition of BioBeers will be held in Boulder. At the moment BioBeers, Inc. is in the process of securing transportation from Denver to Boulder and back. Please take a few minutes to indicate on the side-bar survey (left column on if you are reading this in email or RSS reader) if you would i) be interested in the BioBeersBus and ii) if you would be willing to cough-up a few bucks for the round trip.

Kindly respond with your interest/preferences by Friday 9 May. Thank you.

More details (date/time/place) of May Boulder BioBeers to follow…

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Next Meeting: 29 April 6:00pm

BioBeers is locked and loaded for Tuesday 29 April at our new start time of 6:00pm. Now there has been some debate about where to hold this months BioBeers, so we elected to settle the question the democratic way by asking you all to vote early and vote often on both and The finally tally came up:

Denver 35
Boulder 18
Ft. Collins 11
Colorado Springs 0

Those sentient to the hops and barley flowing along Pearl St. may be familiar with the Mountain Sun or perhaps the Colorado Kind Java Porter served up at the Sun’s SOBO cousin, the Southern Sun. Well despite Denver tallying the most votes, we are efforting to bring a little Boulder to Denver by meeting at the recently opened Vine Street Pub (which completes the Mountain Sun trifecta).

Now don’t lose faith all you Bio-Boulderites...for the BioBeers May edition will be packing its bags and headed north to be held somewhere in the shadow of the Flatirons. Your suggestions for fav locale are welcome!

When: Tuesday 29 April 6:00pm
Where: Vine St. Pub, 1700 Vine St. Denver 80206

As always please kindly RSVP with the click of a mouse at Thanks and see you soon for a cold one…

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Next Meeting: 31 March 7:30pm

And the BioBeers beat marches on in March at the Milwaukee Street Tavern. Do you speak Cherry Creek? That’s right the Colorado BioBeers tour continues, pulling in next to the Milwaukee Street Tavern station, 31 March 7:30pm. This month we are including FREE name tags! Bonus! And suitable for framing too after the event.

It is exciting to see this event grow, so much so that name tags are now considered value-add. Participation has come from Ph.D. and MBA students all the way up to company CEO’s and representation from just about every position in between. But, BioBeers can not do it simply on its own…that’s right, it is up to you, dear Colorado bio-networker, to help spread the word.

So here comes the end-around reverse; your BioBeers homework due in advance, is to invite ten, yes 10 of your friends and colleagues to come join us at our March meeting. Expect a quiz between your beer and nachos.

Finally, don’t forget to RSVP with a click of your mouse at

Thanks and see you soon for Monday Night BioBeers!

When: Monday 31 March 7:30pm

Where: Milwaukee Street Tavern, 201 Milwaukee St.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Attend the AECD Investors Forum!

Come join us at the Adam’s County Economic Development Investors Forum Thursday 28 February 11:00am to 1:00pm for lunch and to listen to Jim Chrisman of Forest City Fitzsimons talk about the master development plan for the Colorado Science + Technology Park @ Fitzsimons.

It promises to be a fascinating 2 hours. If you have not seen the master development plans you will certainly be amazed, impressed and inspired by what is queued up and even already underway. The Colorado Science + Technology Park @ Fitzsimons is destined to become a precious jewel in Colorado’s crown.

Be certain to RSVP (it is required) to attend this free event or call 303.450.5106.
Where: The Ramada Plaza & Convention Center I-25 & 120th Ave (in Northglenn).

***NOTE*** Take a look at the new Boulder Biotech Company Tree (HERE)!
***NOTE*** Read the new eBook CLSDF 2007 - What's In A Year? (HERE)!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Next Meeting: 6 February 7:30pm

BioBeers is back in action and kicking off a fantastic 2008. Be sure to join us for fun and networking at the oh so chic Forest Room Five (located across I-25 from the downtown REI).

We would like to feature our existing and new members on the BioBeers site so that you may leverage this platform to eNetwork when you are at work, at play or even sleeping, this internet thing is pretty cool eh? So if you are interested in becoming an ‘official’ member please email me your profile using the same format as the co-founders have done. Please send to

If you plan to attend be certain to RSVP on the site too. Doing so simply requires the click of a button and you are done. But don’t stop there…as of this writing you’ll note that the IPA is neck-and-neck with the Brown Ale. There are a few more weeks left to vote on the keg of beer that our very own member, Freddie Peyerl, Ph.D. will be brewing up for our March meeting. Mmmm…beer…

BioBeers 2008 Kickoff

When: Wednesday 6 February 7:30pm

Where: Forest Room Five 2532 15th St.

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BioBeers 2008: CBSA, Newest Sponsor!

A hearty thank you goes out to the leadership at the Colorado Bioscience Association who has graciously lent their sponsorship support to BioBeers for 2008! The CBSA joins the law firm of Snell & Wilmer as double helix sponsors.

The Colorado BioScience Association facilitates the growth of the industry in Colorado through advocacy, representation and service. CBSA supports the economic development of Colorado through the creation of a premier bioscience cluster within the state.
As a member of national organizations including the Biotechnology Industry Organization, CBSA forms important partnerships on a national level in pursuing these goals.

The Colorado BioScience Association is working to:

  • Grow the state's workforce in bioscience and medical device industries
  • Speak with a single voice on behalf of the industry
  • Promote the growth of the industry by working for a better business environment.
  • Provide networking, educational and technical programs for the industry
  • Fight for policies that support a strong bioscience industry in the state
  • Persuade investors that Colorado bioscience and medical device companies are a good investment
  • Create technology transfer and research solutions through new partnerships with Colorado's research institutions

Snell & Wilmer has grown to become one of the largest full-service law firms in the Western United States, with more than 400 attorneys in six law offices located throughout the region. Since being established in 1938 the firm's diverse client base of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, emerging organizations, individuals and entrepreneurs has increased to more than 10,000. Over the years, Snell & Wilmer has earned a reputation for distinguished service by offering clients what they value -exceptional legal skills, quick response and practical solutions with the highest level of professional integrity.