Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Next Meeting: 11 November (6:30pm)

It’s time to kick-off the Holiday party season! What better way to do that than with BEER at BioBeers thanks to our friends at Boulder Ventures and Twisted Pine Brewery! Need we say more? So come spread some holiday cheer at BioBeers!

Please RSVP with the click of a mouse at BioBeers.com.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the house,
Not a specimen was stirring, not even a louse.
The test tubes were capped and the rat cages closed,
The mold cultures fuzzy, the mice in repose.
The oven kept warm the ebola and pox,
I still need to locate my only clean socks...
But that has to wait till tomorrow, I know;
My buggies still need that much more time to grow.

When from the kitchen came a massive explosion,
I leapt from my bed in perpetual motion.
Grabbing my lab coat I pulled on my pants,
Struggling into them a sick sort of dance.
With fury and haste I put on a shirt,
Running out of the bedroom on feet black with dirt.
Buttoning my lab coat and donning a mask,
I ran into the kitchen holding an Erlenmeyer flask.

I nearly passed out when the man who I saw,
dressed in containment gear sealed without flaw,
Held high a huge sack with his arm stiff and straight,
I could tell he must have a hard time with his weight.
Through the mike from his suit he said without pause,
"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, I'm Hanta Claus!"
Over his shoulder he hefted the sack,
We walked into the living room, I offered a snack.
He took it and smiled, placed the sack by my bench,
Instantly I noticed the Clostridium stench.
Brimming with joy, I cried out with glee,
"Did you bring all of these germies for me?"
"Oh yes," said Hanta, "I must show propriety;
By bringing you microbes, I'm saving society.
"You are the only one who loves these diseases.
Therefore I'm glad to oblige who it pleases."

Delirious with excitement I sat by his side
While he gave me a year's stock of microscope slides,
And pasteur pipettes, drug resistant bacteria,
Such as staph, strep and cultures from the genus Neisseria.

The gleam in my eyes caused the house to be lit,
The moment he gave me a gram-staining kit,
Clostridium tetani, perfringens and sporogenes,
Salmonella typhi and Streptococcus pyogenes!
Plus viruses known to produce hepatitis,
Herpes, and rabies, yellow fever and meningitis!
But that was not all, he had parasites too,
Plasmodia, trypanosomes and schistosomes true!
Tapeworms and roundworms, plague-carrying fleas.
How sincerely generous, Hanta did aim to please!

At long last he said he must now go away,
His sled was experiencing radioactive decay.
"Thanks for the presents," I said, shaking his hand,
"They'll keep me off the streets, you understand."

Hanta Claus smiled and bid me goodnight,
Shouting "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good blight!"

When: November 11th @ 6:30pm
Where: Twisted Pine Brewery 3201 Walnut St. Boulder

  • Please help us grow BioBeers by downloading the invitation flyer [HERE]! Kindly hang the invitation in your break-room/kitchen at work and email the .pdf to your friends and colleagues!

  • Don’t Forget to Attend BioWest on 10 November. It promises to be an action packed day at the Rocky Mountain Region’s Premiere Annual Bioscience Conference and Expo. More information [HERE]
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BioBeers | Stand in the Place Where you Work…

Now face…East! East towards Frederick, MD and NIH country this is, where the FrederickNewsPost.com recently covered the goings on of BioBeers East. Hope you enjoy the following article – pretty cool stuff. Note that we are working on our hometown Holiday edition of BioBeers coming together for a mid-November merrymaking session back in Boulder – show us how it’s done Boulderites! And how about some carpool action in Denver. If you are interested in a ride or willing to provide a ride leave your info in the comments section below. If you are interested in sponsoring BioBeers please shoot an email to arubenstein@rnaventures.com.

Thanks to our current sponsors:

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Scientists having fun
By Jason E. Balog

You may not realize it, but scientists like to have fun, too. Just because they wear those fancy white lab coats and spend their days talking about the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins from mammalian cell culture doesn't mean scientists don't like to get together, have fun and drink a couple of beers.

Hence, BioBeers East has quickly become a must-attend event for scientists working and living in Frederick County. What is BioBeers East, you ask? BioBeers East is the brainchild of Jim Hardy of Hemacell Perfusion and Jim Hartley, a principal investigator for the National Cancer Institute. Like many great scientific discoveries, BioBeers is the local take-off of someone else's idea. A couple of years ago, Hartley and Hardy were attending a happy hour at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center and were discussing a means to nurture the biotechnology community in Frederick County. After starting a blog, the pair decided to "borrow" the BioBeers model from the Colorado group. In Colorado, they discovered a successful model for fostering collaboration in the Colorado bioscience community by using local microbrews to bring together like-minded bio-entrepreneurs to share ideas, cultivate business relationships and build lifelong friendships. Hartley and Hardy liked the idea.

After all, as Hardy puts it, "brewing is quintessential biotech." A quick e-mail for permission later, BioBeers East was born. What has happened to BioBeers East over the last couple of years is the (ideal) model any good entrepreneur follows: Find a need, fill it and watch the endeavor grow. Started in the spring of 2008, the first BioBeers East was a small, informal meeting with a handful of attendees. However, as word got out, attendance grew from a few pioneers to a regular group of 85 to 125, and events have grown in frequency from quarterly to every other month. The Flying Dog Brewery is now the regular location for BioBeers East, providing interesting tours, appropriate space for scientific presentations and, of course, great beer. We are talking about scientists.

So who are these people who want to mix science with beer? They are the masses with unmet needs that Hardy and Hartley envisioned when they came up with the idea for BioBeers East. Recognizing that Maryland's bioscience community trends toward Montgomery County (and more recently, and to a lesser degree, Baltimore), BioBeers East was intended to "foster, in an informal and relaxed setting, the exchange of ideas, business opportunities and general mischief and promote Frederick County as the exclusive Biocluster in the world!"

At first, BioBeers East acted as a reunion of sorts for the numerous former Life Technologies employees spread throughout the four corners by the Invitrogen acquisition in late 2000. However, as word got out, BioBeers East was successful in drawing others from numerous local institutions and companies, such as the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, SAIC-Frederick and ImQuest BioSciences (the official chicken wing sponsor) to name a few, as well as Frederick County residents on their way home from biotech jobs in Baltimore or Bethesda.

So how can you attend one of these crazy events you didn't even know existed? The place to start is Hardy's excellent Frederick County Biotech Community blog, at fredcobio.wordpress.com, or find BioBeers East on LinkedIn. There you will see that the next installment of BioBeers East will be on Nov. 13 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Flying Dog Brewery. All you have to do is show up, have one of Flying Dog's award-winning beers, and learn a little about the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins or whatever other topic may be on tap.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It’s A Networking Free-for-All!

The Mile High Tech Meetup is a once-a-year event that celebrates all aspects of Colorado technology; Innovation to Monetization, Green Tech to Clean Tech, Bio Tech to New Tech and design to development.

Got start-up, innovation and entrepreneurship in your genome? Then get down to what is certain to be a uniquely wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Who knows…perhaps this evening will bring the people together who are going to launch the next…

The Details:
Tuesday 20 October, 6:30pm
CU Denver Campus
Tivoli Turnhalle RM 250
900 Auraria Parkway
(Jump on the BX Express bus if you are in Boulder – it’s cheap, easy & green!)

Be certain to RSVP at the Mile High Tech Meetup site:


See you there!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Next Meeting: 17 September (6:30pm)

It’s Back-to-School & Back-to-Denver for BioBeers. We hope the summer was a fruitful time for you. Needless to say we are excited to kick-off ( yet) another exciting season of BioBeers, coming to you from live from high above the Mile High City – 27 floors high to be exact – at the swanky Peaks Lounge in the Hyatt Regency – Denver.

Equally as exciting will be the preface to BioBeers,that is the first annual Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference! The Conference features investors from San Fran to Boston and presenting companies not only from here in Colorado (like…Beacon Biotechnology, Biodesix, BiOptix, GlobeImmune, MyoCept and ValveXchange, to name a few) but also from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Montana (like…Axial Biotech, Castle Biosciences, LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals, Medipacs, NanoMR and Numira Biosciences, to name a few).

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of our guests from out of town to join us at BioBeers and unwind after what is certain to be an exciting, though long, day of presentations and partnering meetings. Peaks Lounge is a delightful 7 short block walk from the Ritz Carleton. Hope to see you there!

Be certain to follow BioBeers on Twitter | @BioBeers

Are you on Twitter? Let us know!

When: September, 17th @ 6:30pm
Where: Peaks Lounge @ Hyatt Regency Denver, 27th Floor (650 15th St.)

Mark your calendars and please be certain to RSVP at http://BioBeers.com for the 17 September event.

BioBeers: Connecting Bio-Entrepreneurs Since 2007

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Next Meeting: 23 July (6:30pm)

Come welcome BioBeers return to Denver! Enjoy a hand-crafted beer at the Vine Street Pub and soak up the evening sun while networking with some of Colorado's finest life science professionals. From therapeutics to devices to diagnostics to enabling tools for discovery and development - it promises to be a diverse gathering of talented individuals. Come connect with the companies, influencers and amazing human capital who are shaping the Colorado life science landscape.

Enjoy happy hour prices and the Vine Street that beers have won international acclaim, including six gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, the world’s largest beer festival.

When: July 23rd @ 6:30pm
Where: Vine Street Pub, 1700 Vine St. Denver

Mark your calendars and please be certain to RSVP at http://BioBeers.com for the 23 July event.

BioBeers: Connecting Bio-Entrepreneurs Since 2007

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Next Meeting: 16 June (6:30pm)

The “where to hold June BioBeers” polls have closed and Boulder has found itself in first place by 10 percentage points. So BioBeers will once again be appearing live on stage at the Twisted Pine Brewery. It promises to be, once again, a very special evening…as a casting call will be concurrently transpiring for people to star in BioBeers: The Movie! Lights! Camera! Action! Many thanks to our friends at New West Media who will be producing a film that is certain to achieve blockbuster status. Look out Oscar, here comes a shoe-in for best picture nomination.

Please help us grow BioBeers by downloading the invitation flyer (HERE)! Kindly hang the invitation in your break-room/kitchen at work and email the .pdf to your friends and colleagues!

The BioBeers co-founders recently emerged from a grueling meeting in the secret bunker somewhere in Golden with a schedule that we are excited to now share featuring dates for upcoming events:

  • 23 July | BioBeers will split the Boulder/Denver difference and meet for the first time in beautiful and sunny Broomfield
  • August | Is the BioBeers Board of Directors Mtg.
  • 17 September | BioBeers will be in downtown Denver to celebrate the close of what is certain to be a very exciting Rocky Mountain Healthcare Investor Conference
Since Nerds + Geeks = BioBeers + Startup Drinks was so much fun back in April we are again sharing center stage with our entrepreneurial IT brethren StartupDrinks.

Be certain to follow on Twitter | @BioBeers @StartupDrinksCO @TechStars

Are you on Twitter? Let us know!

When: June 16th @ 6:30pm
Where: Twisted Pine Brewery 3201 Walnut St. Boulder

Mark your calendars and please be certain to RSVP at http://BioBeers.com for the 16 June event.

BioBeers: Connecting Bio-Entrepreneurs Since 2007

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

BioBeers | Doing Some Spring Cleaning

Where to hold the June BioBeers event? You decide! The race looks close however, Boulder is maintaining its lead over Denver (42% to 33%). Will it be back-to-back-to-back Boulder events? Can Denver rise to the occasion and claw back BioBeers. Or perhaps equi-distant Broomfield will claim victory and split the geographic difference? You decide! Be sure to cast your vote at http://BioBeers.com!

Have some thoughts to share on how BioBeers may be improved, where to hold it, who wants to sponsor? Send us an email info@biobeers.com

Wondering what is transpiring in the Colorado life science ecosystem? Be certain to subscribe to Rocky Radar, Colorado’s Life Science Technology Record. http://www.rockyradar.com/lifescience/

Wondering what is happening in the national and international pre-clinical and clinical stage sectors? What technologies are receiving venture dollars and from who? Did you know that over 80 companies in the first quarter of 2009 received over $1.4 billion in venture dollars! Find out the who, what, where, when and why at OnBioVC. Visit http://OnBioVC.com and subscribe for free via email or RSS.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BioBeers as Democracy Promoter!

The BioBeers beat goes on. The stories of meaningful business relationships cultivated and new hire/employers identified continue to be catalyzed and are accumulating at BioBeers, not to mention the fun to be had in our casual networking environments. Of late there has been a gravitation towards Boulder for holding events. In the spirit of democracy we would like to have our attendees (that being you!) decide what City will play host to our June bonanza. Will it be Boulder yet again? Perhaps Broomfield? Maybe Denver? Or Ft. Collins? You decide! Vote early and vote often. The polls are open now, please visit http://BioBeers.com (for those of you who are reading this in an email) to cast your vote(s). Let your voice be heard…

Some upcoming events that may be of interest:

BioBootcamp If you ever want to start your own life science company this 2-day FREE BioBootcamp Conference (30 April – 1 May) is chock full ‘o great content and great speakers. Sign up quickly, space if filling up fast! More info available at http://www.biobootcamp.com

Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference is setting up perfectly for September. Have a company to pitch to world class life science investors? Or perhaps interested in rubbing elbows with those who are shaping the next generation of companies populating the Colorado life science ecosystem? More info available at http://www.rmlic.com

Have you seen the 1Q09 OnBioVC | Trend Analysis yet? Find out what technologies are getting funded and by who. Download the FREE report HERE and be certain to sign up for delivery of timely life science investor information available at http://OnBioVC.com.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next Meeting: 7 April (6:30pm)


Two great tastes that taste great together! There is only one thing better than peanut butter + chocolate and that is BioBeers + Startup Drinks. Come mix and come mingle, no matter if you are late-stage or early-stage or perhaps even looking for a new-stage, grab your biz cards and come down and enjoy this special, laid-back networking beer-fest.

Many thanks to our sponsors du jour who are picking up the tab (can you say free drinks?): Boulder Ventures and Twisted Pine Brewing Company as well as Sunset Limo who is providing the Go Fast Party Bus. If you are on CU Boulder campus be certain to take the Sunset Limo Go Fast Party Bus departing 7:15pm after the NewTech Meetup and returning back to campus approximately 9:40.

Nerds + Geeks = BioBeers + Start-up Drinks

When: April 7th @ 6:30pm
Where: Twisted Pine Brewery 3201 Walnut St. Boulder

Send the invite to your friends and colleagues, download the pdf (HERE).

A very special thanks to all of our IT brethren who are working hard to help make this event a memorable one!

Finally…Please RSVP with the click of a mouse for the 7 April BioBeers at BioBeers.com

BioBeers: Connecting Bio-Entrepreneurs Since 2007

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Next Meeting: February 24th (6:30pm)

As the crisp cool air blows across the Front Range, a new season of bio-entrepreneurship is born. While many are pessimistic about the current state of the U.S. economy BioBeers constituents know opportunities are born out of the most daunting challenges. This is our time to shine, to be creative and to rejuvenate the economy with a shot of molecular innovation! Smart people, frothy beer and an exchange of ideas is as good a place to start as any…

Do not miss what is certain to be the BIGGEST BioBeers outings yet, our February event will be different in two ways:

  1. Our friends at The Foundry have agreed to offer those sporting the very fashionable BioBeers name-tag a drink special, and
  2. ***An invitation is extended to all of our like-minded entrepreneurial friends in the Tech space at our sister organization, Boulder Start-up Drinks, to join in on the festivities***
Of note: There is a very interesting Crash Course courtesy of Silicon Flatirons prefacing our BioBeers + Boulder Start-up Drinks Bonanza, led by Jason Mendelson, Managing Director of the Foundry Group, titled Raising Venture Capital. The seminar is being given at the Wolf Law building, rm 204 on the CU Boulder campus from 5:15 – 6:45, more info (HERE). Following what is certain to be an informative and interactive talk swing on down to the Foundry (THE BAR, THAT IS, NOT THE VC FIRM!) and mix and mingle among what is certain to be the years single biggest collection of entrepreneurs hoisting cold ones under a single roof.

Nerds + Geeks = BioBeers + Start-up Drinks

When: February 24th @ 6:30pm
Where: The Foundry, 1109 Walnut St. Boulder 80302

A very special thanks to all of our IT brethren who are working hard to help make this event a memorable one!

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