Monday, December 10, 2007

Now That Was Fun!

Wow…BioWest, Christmas Party and BioBeers all rolled into one fun and late evening! Our group grew by leaps and bounds attracting some 40+ folks. It was great to see a wonderful mix of Ph.D. and MBA students, faculty, bio-preneurs, start-up junkies and folks from biotech and pharma rubbing elbows while throwing back a few eggnog’s, why even Santa got in the BioBeers mix! I tried to post some videos from the evening but counsel recommended immediate removal based upon the series of FCC inquiries suggesting obvious infractions of the Telecommunication and Decency Act of 1996.

So we are now pointing the BioBeers ship towards 2008 and looking to nail down our next date and dance with debauchery. At the moment 10 or 11 January, again in Denver, appear to be bubbling to the surface. More on that later…

I’m afraid a few homework items are in order:

  • Be certain to sign up for the BioBeers email list
  • If you attended the December dance and plan a return trip to BioBeers in January please send me ( your profile for posting to this site. Consider it your ticket to paradise, no profile then good luck getting past the bouncers
  • The last thing we need is another url destination where I wax on, let’s make this site a bit more interactive, so…if you attended BioBeers please click on comments below and tell us a bit about your favorite part of BioBeers, BioWest, your start-up or anything else that may come to mind. For the founders consider your comments to be your ticket to paradise, no comment then good luck getting past the bouncers
  • Finally, the February meeting will have a keg of brew brewed especially for BioBeers from a very special member, whose identity shall be unveiled at a later date, so…be certain to look to the left and down and vote for your favorite flavor
Finally many thanks to our most gracious and most favorite sponsors in no particular order:

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