Saturday, November 17, 2007

Co-Founder: Danielle Cook France

What do I do?

I am a research scientist at Luca Technologies, a company in Golden developing technologies which stimulate microbial conversion of fossil fuels to methane in situ. Before moving to Colorado in June, I worked in the field of cellular motility; in particular the process of using stored energy to power ultra-fast and powerful chemo-responsive cellular movements. My long-term scientific interests are in the development of biologically-based materials used to provide medical and/or energy solutions.


  • Research experience in cellular mechanics, imaging, cellular signaling, cardiovascular modeling, and ultrasound
  • Development of novel imaging analysis techniques
  • Supervision of undergraduate coursework and research


  • PhD, Biological Engineering, MIT
  • Physiology Course, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole MA
  • BS, Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St Louis

Why do I spend my valuable time at BioBeers?

Development of Colorado’s bioscience future will depend on those in our generation who are willing to input time, energy, thought, and risk to make it happen. How better to wrap your energy into the bioscience field than to share a few beers with the people who are willing to do the same?

My vision of the CO lifescience landscape 2008-2010

Colorado already has a long history of attracting top researchers and I think that in the near future it will attract more entrepreneurially-minded people who are willing to stay and capitalize on the wealth of scientific discovery already underway here. I am particularly hopeful that applications of biology to technologies in non-traditional (i.e, non-medical) fields, particularly energy and self-assembly of materials, will take strong footing in Colorado’s technical and scientific community.

Say Cheese!

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