Monday, November 26, 2007

Next Meeting: 6 December 7:30pm

2007 has been a fantastic inaugural year for BioBeers. Great friendships have been forged and the forum to discuss the latest and greatest in Colorado and the broader life science industry is primed for growth.

The co-founders of BioBeers have elected to correlate our year-end celebration with the the Colorado Bioscience Associations BioWest Conference and Expo. So if you are looking for a great forum after the first full day of the conference be certain to come spend some time with us at BioBeers.

We would like to feature our (new) members on the BioBeers site as we have done with the co-founders, so if you are interested in becoming an official member please email me your profile using the same format as the co-founders have done. Please send to

BioBeers Year End Bash

When: Thursday 6 December 7:30pm

Where: Harry’s Bar 818 17th Street


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