Saturday, November 17, 2007

Co-Founder: Robert Tofe

What do I do?

I am President of Snoasis Medical, founded in 2006 and focused on the development of regenerative products for use in oral maxillofacial surgery. It keeps me busy all the time. I love what I do. I am having more fun and learning more than I could have ever imagined.


  • Part of two successful start-ups, CeraMed and CeraPedics
  • Positions in management, manufacturing, regulatory, R&D and marketing
  • Raised $4.5 million of angle capital
  • Assisted to close $14.5 million Series A venture round
  • Authored and filed provisional patent for a novel soft tissue substitute
  • Product manager of a bone substitute that took 12% market-share in two years
  • Negotiated and closed numerous consulting, product development, and business development agreements.

Why do I spend my valuable time at BioBeers?

The people! You have to be a little crazy to start, or want to start your own venture. As a wise man told me, “this is not for the weak hearted.” It is hard work. Period! Therefore when you do take time off, it is nice to be around individuals who share your passion.

My Vision

Things look great in 2018. Venture money will be readily available to fund companies and ideas. The void of medium-sized life science companies in Colorado will be filled. The region will continue to attract and retain the necessary human capital to sustain continued growth. Nationally, Colorado will be viewed as one of the leading bioclusters. The people will continue to love working in Colorado. This vision is based on these facts: Colorado has a lot of early stage companies, a few big ones, but only a few medium-sized life science companies. In time, a select number of these early stage companies will mature. The flow of start-ups should remain steady. In part due to the emergence of organizations such as Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners and the Bard Center that teach and support entrepreneurs. Fitzsimons will continue to generate the necessary flow of innovative ideas. The State government continues to support the industry’s goal of creating a strong biocluster. Bio Beers will be a fun, supportive, and motivating group of individuals who want to help drive the development of Colorado’s next generation of leaders.

Say Cheese!

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